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EVOLVE.VITALITY is all about helping people not only achieve their desired physique or reaching their goals. It's about what more we can offer, such as better your lifestyle, and mindset, changing your life to better and improving your overall health and wellbeing.


Food you intake and training you undertake should be fun. The power is in your hands, but our goal is to help you along the way and  help you make your lifestyle changes permanent.


With years of experience and many trusted individuals we now offer a wide range of services. From in person training sessions at your home or local park , online 1-2-1 training sessions wherever you are to wide range of training programs tailored to you as an individual. It's all up to you to choose which service suits you and your lifestyle best!

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gym personal training sessions

Gym Personal Training Sessions carried out via online. Train at your local gym with your trainer with you through out the entire session. Achieve your goals effectively, safely, anywhere you like and almost at any time convenient to you!


group personal training (2-4 people)

Group Training is a fun way to work yourself into fit with a partner, friend or your family! Group sessions available at the comfort of your home, park or via online. Many packages to chose from to suit you and your lifestyles!


at home personal training sessions

Train at the comfort of your home! We travel to you with all the equipment! Looking to lose unwanted weight, tone up, build strength of simply improve your overall health. 

Are you located anywhere in Hertfordshire or Central Bedforshire? Click Below!


Training & nutritional plans

Looking for a program to achieve your goals?

We have you covered, from professionally written weight loss, tone-up, extreme glutes builder at home and gym eBooks and dietary advise to help you achieve your goals fast! All plans have sketches showing demonstrations for each exercise for an easy follow through, with progressions and regressions explained! 


online personal training

Have all exercises demonstrated and explained, be motivated, lead through each and every session with your trainer through out via online, anywhere you are. 

It's very simple and almost as if the trainer is there with you! 





"I would highly recommend Amanda as a Personal Trainer. Amanda has trained me for the past two years, and it has been absolutely amazing. She is positive, upbeat and highly skilled. Amanda is always approachable and interacting with other members. She is bubbly and outgoing, never unwilling to answer questions. For this reason, I enjoy working with her and she is a trustworthy Personal Trainer and a good friend. She has helped me to achieve the results I have been striving to get for many years and I would always go back to her."


—  Adam Rabinovich

Where are our services available?

Services available in Hertfordshire and Central Bedforshire for at home personal training sessions!

Are you just outside the area? Email us, online personal training is just like having a trainer there with you every session no matter where you are! 

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